Why The JFK Assassination Still Matters

13 Nov

Some suggest President John F. Kennedy’s murder in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963 was the day America lost its innocence.  Because of so many public tragedies throughout the history of any country, others find this a largely rhetorical argument.

Yet given the magnitude of such an historic event, it remains an interesting point to consider. After all, less than five years after President Kennedy’s death, the United States was entangled in Vietnam, then suffered the leadership loss of both Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy.

President John F. Kennedy arrives in Dallas on November 22, 1963

Americans have endured a host of painful events on a large scale. Examples from the past century include World War I,  the Great Depression and World War II.  With the official Warren Commission report singling out American Lee Harvey Oswald as the president’s killer, it can be argued that what makes the JFK assassination so painful is that the murder of our own president was allegedly carried out by a fellow American, seen by some as our own collective hand.  While on a different scale, perhaps a better comparison of this effect is the Civil War, where Americans were done in by their own countrymen.

Oswald was an American military veteran, but a brief peek into his life shows signs of an atypical US citizen.  Eventually, unAmerican elements were implicated in the assassination of President Kennedy, including the Soviet Union, Cubans, and the Mafia.  But consider plenty of oft-suggested scenarios, such as the thought President Kennedy may have been killed by rogue elements within the US government.  As a result, Americans grew conflicted and lost trust in their institutions.  Reinforcing this view are polls showing a majority of Americans continue to believe President Kennedy was killed as part of a conspiracy.

Alleged JFK Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald

It’s not easy to walk away from the promises of Camelot.  The perception of self-immolation presents a reality difficult to imagine and even more difficult to watch, particularly given the grisly images of Abraham Zapruder’s color home movie showing the death of our president.  As we approach 49 years since the JFK assassination, take time to reflect on President Kennedy, how he lived and even how he died.  But also consider how the passing of this American president still affects the way we view ourselves today, now nearly half a century later.

One Response to “Why The JFK Assassination Still Matters”

  1. Danny Vasquez March 22, 2013 at 7:31 pm #


    I’m new to the forum but have been researching the JFK assassination for over 40 years, and it seems that a more serious study needs to be done on the Austin, Texas motorcade route, remember if it had continued to rain in Fort Worth/ Dallas on the 22, they would have had to put up the bubble top on the limousine, therefore the assassin’s would would have had to wait to set up in the Austin area, weather permitting. JFK was suppose to speak at Palmer Auditorium and stay at LBJ ranch, like I said it seems that more emphasis needs to shown concerning the Austin motorcade route, I bet they would have to been another route similar to Dealey Plaza, in the Austin area, as a backup plan, meaning JFK would not be allowed to leave Texas alive, I’m sure somewhere in the Austin city archives they would have maps and photos of the 1963 streets, but very important try to find out the exact motorcade route for Austin, Texas. Also I have a Video Duplication and Transfer business and over the years I have transferred thousands of 8mm films to DVD, about 2 years ago I had a customer who was a doctor at Parkland Hospital Trauma unit, he knew Dr. Perry, Dr. Crenshaw, and Nurse Bell, but he was not working the day of the assassination, on the Nov 23, he told me he spoke to Nurse Bell about what she saw the previous day, at first she didn’t want to say anything because she was very frighten of what she witnessed, but afterwards she guided my doctor friend to room away from the others and told him it had to have been more than one shooter, “because we pulled so much shrapnel out of his head” she said that bullet fragments were all over the place in the President’s head. Could this confirm the fragments she is talking about, ARE the one’s seen on JFK Autopsy x-rays of the head, also were dum dum bullets used to explode on impact as other have suggested, therefore all of these fragments/ shrapnel as described by Nurse Bell, the day after the assassination. My doctor friend told me that over the years she was very frighten of what she saw the day of the 22, and always felt that there was a conspiracy, my doctor friend felt this as well. About a year ago I was contacted by David S. Lifton author of Best Evidence and told him this story, and he was very interested because he had interviewed Nurse Bell for book and she never told this story, I told him maybe she was still afraid to tell the whole story of what she saw in the trauma room that day. Thank you for your time, Danny

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