‘Tough Day’ Predicted By JFK Was Date Of His Own Funeral

9 Mar

Secret recordings made by President John F. Kennedy have just been released.

The clandestine tapes reveal that, in the days before his assassination, President Kennedy predicted the following Monday would be a “tough day.” That day was the date of his funeral.

Mr. Kennedy recorded meetings in the Oval Office at the White House without the knowledge of visitors or staff.  The newly released 45 hours of recordings, issued by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston, cover the final months of his life, including moments between the president and his children. They finish two days before his death in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

This just-released evidence underscores the premise of a brand new novel titled “11-22-1963:  New Evidence.”  That new book reveals how the assassination of President John F. Kennedy can finally be solved with new evidence.

Read more about the recent discovery of JFK’s secret recordings here.

Presidential Motorcade in Dallas on 11-22-1963

Chilling Phone Conversation Prior To The JFK Assassination

11 Dec

Perhaps no evidence surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy is more frightening than the recorded conversation between Kennedy opponent Joseph Milteer and a police informant, just weeks before the president was killed.

Click here and listen for yourself.

President Kennedy's Final Tragic Moments

Kennedy Assassination: The 48th Anniversary Of John F. Kennedy’s Tragic Death

22 Nov

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy remains among the biggest mysteries of the 20th Century. Most Americans believe there was a conspiracy to assassinat­e the president.  A US House investigat­ion agreed.

Especially compelling are the many home movies taken on November 22, 1963 that continue to surface. Thousands of witnesses were on hand when President Kennedy visited Dallas and many brought cameras with them.  Unseen home movies that contain photographic evidence surroundin­g the murder of President Kennedy have been discovered virtually untouched in attics and drawers nearly half a century later.  The JFK assassinat­ion may be ultimately solved with such new evidence.

A new novel 11-22-1963­: New Evidence reveals how more movies surroundin­g the JFK assassinat­ion could surface. For details, visit http://11-­22-1963.co­m.

The JFK Assassination

22 Nov

Curious About Solving President Kennedy’s Assassination?

Welcome.  Unseen home movies of President Kennedy’s November, 1963 visit to Dallas are still surfacing.

Interestingly, a just-released novel titled 11-22-1963: New Evidence shows how the JFK assassination could be solved using such a newly-discovered film.


New Films On The JFK Assassination Continue To Be Discovered

About The Kennedy Assassination

November 22, 1963 is a day that forever changed history. Adults of the time remember where they were and what they were doing when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

President Kennedy with First Lady Jackie

Nearly half a century later, a sizable majority of Americans still believe there was a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy and doubt suspected assassin Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.  Now a new book offers insights on how this most compelling mystery may finally be solved.

11-22-1963 shows how new evidence can still break the Kennedy assassination wide open.  As a result of the many cameras in Dallas during President Kennedy’s visit, it’s hardly surprising that newly discovered photos and movies continue to turn up.  Here are just a few examples:

The Botello Film

The Jefferies Film

The Yeargan Film

Read additional interesting information about the Yeargan film here.

The new novel 11-22-1963 shows how the mysterious murder of a president may still be solved using such new evidence.

Read more about the new book 11-22-1963 here!

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